Toledo murderer receives two life sentences

The judge said Patton showed no remorse during the proceedings.
The judge said Patton showed no remorse during the proceedings.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Daurin Patton was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences Monday for the murder of two Toledo residents.

Patton was found guilty of murdering Veronica Serano and her 14-year-old son Timothy Blair. Prosecutors said it began as a robbery at Serano's home. When Patton didn't get what he wanted, he came back with a shotgun.

The courtroom was filled with friends and family of Patton's and Serano's, along with many police officers.

During the proceedings, Patton read a letter apologizing to the Serano family for their loss, but maintaining his innocence throughout. He said he planned to appeal the ruling.

Patton was then sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole. The judge said he felt the harsh punishment was necessary because the evidence against Patton was overwhelming. He also said Patton's reaction in court was like that of an animal with no remorse.

After the sentence was ready, tears were shed on both sides of the courtroom. Serano's family said their loved ones did not die in vain, though.

"I know there is reason for all things," said Veronica's brother Aaron Serano. "The one I want to place on this tragedy is that my sister and nephew saved many lives of Toledo residents by their deaths. That's the only thing that gives me relief. Not to mention the assault rifle taken off the street."

Patton told his family he loved them before he was led off in cuffs.

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