Don't Waste Your Money: What to buy hard-to-please spouses

(Toledo News Now) - If you have a significant other, it's time to start buying some holiday gifts for him or her. But those can be some of the toughest gifts to find.

So we went out with one of our "Don't Waste Your Holiday Money" super shoppers, to find some cool gifts that won't break the bank.

Even super shoppers struggle with what to buy for their special someone.

"You really have to think hard about what to get for your spouse," said Andrea Deckard, of the blog Savings Lifestyle.

So Deckard took us shopping to find stocking suffers for hard-to-please spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends.

What To Buy A Guy 
Deckard's husband, like most men, always welcomes anything gadget related. She found the perfect item in the stocking stuffer aisle.

"It's a little 'Hubman,'" she said, "a USB device to hook several USB devices together."

Cost: Just $10.

She then found another good stocking stuffer for a guy: a camping water bottle.

"You can get these really inexpensively, for as low as $5," Deckard said.

Or for $15, she suggested a small cooler.

"Every guy would love this for camping or tailgating," Deckard said. "It's perfect."

That makes Deckard think of her husband's truck, which leads to another gift.

"A microfiber towel, for only $5.50, can be a perfect thing for a stocking," she said.  

Deckard suggests adding a bottle of car wax or interior cleaner for a nice car cleanup kit.

What Women Want

Deckard says a robe is perfect, because correct fit is not essential.

"This is a nice robe," she said, pointing to a rack of terry cloth robes. "They are soft, and just 20 bucks."

Ditto for a fashion scarf at $15.

"That's the one clothing idea that you know will always fit. You can't go wrong with a scarf!" said Deckard. 
However, Deckard has two cautions for men:

-Don't buy a handbag unless she has requested a specific one. Women tend to know exactly the type they like.

-Don't buy cleaning tools. While men usually welcome car or garage cleaning items, many women don't look kindly at brooms, mops or vacuum cleaners as gifts, unless she asks for a specific model.

A blender or slow cooker is usually welcomed and affordable.

"I would say $20 for a slow cooker at a holiday season sale," said Deckard.

Finally, Deckard suggests socks and slippers, all under $20. Again, you rarely have a fit issue.

The Good News 

Total stocking stuffers for a hard-to-please man or woman: $75 or less.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your significant other happy, just think of thoughtful items that he or she would like or need. That way you don't waste your money.

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