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Ready to pop the question? Site auctions off flash mob proposal

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NEW YORK (RNN) - For those who wish life really was a musical - complete with sporadic outbursts of song and dance - comes a proposal experience just for you.

Deal website Gilt is auctioning off a flash mob proposal at New York's Artisana Frogmagerie and Bistro.

If you're the winning bidder, you'll receive a choreographed flash mob of dancers performing to whatever song you choose - perhaps your "couple song," if you like - all captured on video, so you can plaster it on YouTube and watch it light up the internet.

Dancers will pose as diners before breaking out into song, giving a bride the ultimate proposal story to tell her friends and family - and for girls, it is all about the story.

Of course, unsuspecting actual diners will be on hand to witness the surprise as well.

The newly engaged couple will then be treated to a five course meal on their way to happily ever after.

While the proposal may be a fairy tale, the price is sure to jolt any love-struck would-be groom back to reality - $20,000.

On the upside, it's hard to turn down such an elaborate proposal and it might make you internet famous.

As MasterCard might say; Ring, $2,000; Proposal, $20,000; A Lifetime of Happiness, priceless.

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