EDITORIAL: Toledo should follow Wood Co.'s economic growth model

(Toledo News Now) - This week I attended the Wood County Commissioner's annual holiday party.

Wood County sure comes across as being run by people who understand economic growth. They get it. The general sense of the room was optimistic and forward looking. The conversations were refreshingly not about the politics of taking credit.

There are some obvious lessons here to be learned by the systematically dysfunctional Toledo City Council as it continues to bungle and fumble economic growth.

I also talked to several people who were on the recent economic development trip to China. Their enthusiasm for the potential of Chinese investment in the Toledo region is brimming.

Among other things, economic growth takes time, money, corporate, labor, political and media cooperation and no small measure of luck. In the past, pulling these elements together in Toledo has been difficult. The window to get it right won't be open forever and it can close quickly.

Let's hope that we spend more time making it work than we do mucking it up.

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