Rossford Schools may move students, close building

Rossford Schools are considering adjusting student locations.
Rossford Schools are considering adjusting student locations.

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Rossford Schools may be altering what buildings students attend, which would result in the closure of one of its three elementary buildings.

The district currently has three elementary schools, one junior high, and one high school. Superintendent Bill McFarland proposed earlier this month to re-align students so that all Kindergarten through second-graders would be in one building, third- through fifth-graders in another, and the sixth grade would join the junior high. It may also be possible that they just move the sixth-graders to the junior high.

McFarland said the principals brought up the idea. The plan would balance out class sizes and keep grade-level teachers in one location.

Some parents are concerned about putting sixth-graders in an environment with students older than them. Others don't want their children separated from their siblings due to grade-level. But not all parents are against it.

"I actually would prefer it," said Kassie Destazio, a Rossford parent. "[My son] would have his same friends and the same community of kids together."

Destazio said she wouldn't mind the extra distance to school as long as her children could take a bus.

"I would like my kids to be bussed so they won't be walking the streets," she added.

The school board will discuss the topic again next Wednesday at 6 p.m. No timetable has been set to make a decision.

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