Township property owners petition to join city of Sylvania

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Sylvania Township neighborhood is hoping to join the city of Sylvania. Several properties along Arbor Way between Whiteford Road and Silvertown Drive have petitioned to be annexed into the city.

Sylvania officials say they are not ready to discuss the possible annexation yet because they are still very early in the process.

The petition currently has 18 signatures from property owners who want to be a part of the city. The neighborhood is just outside of city limits, but residents of the 5100 and 5200 blocks of Arbor Way would like to change that. They filed a petition to the Lucas County Board of Commissioners saying they would like their 6.3 acres of land to be considered a part of the city of Sylvania due to a sanitary sewer system.

"I've heard a lot of the neighbors mention it'd be nice if we could have the sewer systems. If we're annexed, hopefully we'd have that option, which we do not now. I know myself, I've called about it, and they said it's nowhere in the future plans," said Patty Hussar, who lives on Arbor Way.

Currently these residences are not part of Sylvania's sewer system. They use septic tanks instead.

"I know a couple of neighbors that it has cost them thousands of dollars to replace their septic system, versus we wouldn't have to worry about that anymore," said Hussar.

It would cost the city $250,000 to add these residences to the sanitary sewer system. That cost has been listed as part of the city's preliminary budget for next year. However, the residences will be assessed for the work, so the city should get that money back.

Hussar has not signed the petition, but she would be interested in getting on board.

"If there's a petition going around, I will be signing it. That's for sure. This would be a blessing for me. I know that. If it's possible for it to happen," said Hussar.

Something else the city has to consider is if the Arbor Way neighborhood is annexed into Sylvania, the city would be responsible for maintaining the roadways.

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