Sylvania considers recycling change

Sylvania recycling bins may be changing.
Sylvania recycling bins may be changing.

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) – As recycling grows in popularity, the Sylvania community is considering making changes to their current recycling services.

Sylvania residents currently use small, open-faced containers to hold their recyclables, but the city has received complaints about them. On windy days, the contents of the containers get blown around the street, causing a mess.

Republic Services, the company that handles Sylvania recycling, proposed using larger containers like the ones used in Toledo. They would pick up the recycling every other week instead of every week. The new bins would be 65 or 96 gallons in capacity, and wouldn't cost the city money to switch to.

"Recycling is growing," said Sylvania Public Service Director Kevin Aller. "Sylvania is a very active community as far as recycling is concerned. Our existing containers are 18 gallon containers, and we have some households that have four of those picked up every week."

If the change is approved at the next city council meeting, there will be a 3-month transitional period before the larger bins are used.

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