Northwood looking for solutions after Woodville Mall closure

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Woodville Mall in Northwood was once a busy shopping center. Today, the mall is condemned and the shopping center has just one retail store left open; Sears.

The mall was opened in 1969, but has slowly seen more and more store closures over the past decade. The mall was ordered closed last year after a judge determined the deteriorating building posed a safety risk to employees and customers.  The Andersons and Sears stores are separate from the mall and remained open, but The Andersons store is now closing as well.

Northwood City Administrator Bob Anderson says he hopes something can be done to revive the area.

"It's a great area out there, there's a lot of people that live east of there in Ottawa County and other counties - that's a natural shopping area, that's a big thing on our plate is what we're going to do with the Woodville Mall," said Anderson.

Anderson say he plans to meet with the city's Economic Development and Public Safety committees to determine what can be done about the property.

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