TPS credit recovery program helps students who fall behind

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A new Toledo Public Schools program is helping students who fall behind catch up, and eventually graduate.

The program allows students to make up credits during the school year or summer online through a program called Plato Academy. District leaders say it will help students who would not otherwise graduate to get a diploma.

"You're going to have some students who fall behind academically, and we want to provide every opportunity for them to be successful," said TPS Assistant Superintendent Brian Murphy.

The program started last year with 337 students, and has only become more popular since then. More than 400 students enrolled during the summer, and 425 joined this year.

"We knew we were going to have students interested in the program. What was surprising was our summer school program. In previous years, we really struggled with getting students to come to summer school," said Murphy.

Students are happy about the program as well.

"I'm kind of happy because I get to go to college and be the first one in my family actually to graduate high school," said Timothy Nicholson, who participated in the program.

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