Jobless benefits to end for 4,000 in Lucas County

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Jobless benefits end next month, which means no more assistance for 55,000 of Ohio's longterm unemployed. It affects about 4,000 people in Lucas County alone.

The Source in Toledo is working to make sure people losing benefits Dec. 31 will not be caught off guard.

One of the most important things someone can do is brush up on skills, which means tweaking a resume, learning new computer programs, and making sure math and reading skills are at a certain level. All of this will help make an application more attractive to employers.

Source employees say if someone is unemployed he or she should be evaluating what needs to be done to land a job in the future. 
"I would encourage them to volunteer maybe in an industry they want to get back in, do temp jobs maybe through a temp agency, maybe a Christmas job, just to get on their feet and their skills and then go from there," said Leigh Guerra, manager of The Source.

Anyone looking to refresh skills can attend classes at The Source specifically targeting the unemployed. For more information call 419-213-JOBS.

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