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RAW VIDEO: Uncontrollable crowds at Moultrie Walmart


It's Black Friday madness caught on video. A mob of people grabbing for the same product at a Moultrie WalMart.

A cell phone shows it all. You can hear the screams of frantic people being pushed and shoved as they tried to get their hands on a Black Friday deal.

"They were literally pulling hair, people lost their shoes, you would see them just fighting, hitting each other, punching each other, and the cops actually told people, look it is time to go, sale is over," said Sharon Buchte, Shopper.

They were fighting over a Straight Talk Unlimited Plan. Sharon Buchte got to Walmart when sales started around 8:30 Thursday night.

"You are trying to push this buggy, and people are on you, and you just feel like you are smothered," said Buchte.

She was so overwhelmed and anxious, she couldn't breathe.

"The pressure of the crowd, there were so many people there, the pressure of the crowd, the air was so thick, it was so angry, everybody was rushing and grabbing," said Buchte.

A little while later this fight broke out over the mobile talk, text and data package. 

"It is scary because you cant tell what people will do in a mob mentality like that" said Nicole Sifford, Shopper.

They used sirens to try to break up the crowd. Police tell us they think two people were injured. But Walmart says no one was hurt.

As for Buchte she says she had no plans of ever shopping on Black Friday again.

"I swear I will not do it again, you will not see me there, ever," said Buchte.

WalMart headquarters says it's an "unfortunate, isolated event." 

Moultrie police tell us they think two people were injured. But WalMart says there were no injury reports.

To see the whole video click here. (Video sourced Kyleboring)

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