Safety crews still on duty for Thanksgiving

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - While the majority of people are spending the day at home or at a family gathering, some are spending Thanksgiving Day at work.

For public safety professionals, working a holiday is just another day. At Toledo Fire House No. 23, this means eating Thanksgiving dinner at their home away from home.

Firefighter Dennis Kookoothe is no stranger to stuffing a bird. On this Thanksgiving Day, turkey stuffing duty is his contribution to the crew's holiday dinner.

"Today was a collaboration because shopping not being available, we split up who was going to bring what in," explained Kookoothe.

At a moment's notice, a call for service could result in "dinner delay."

"I'm very thankful for the job I have. It's supported my family. I have three kids in college, out of college, three grandkids, it's all because of this job and my wife's job. I never mind working my share of the holidays," said Kookoothe.

On any given day, 103 Toledo firefighters are on the job, including Thanksgiving.

"For us it's a normal day. There is a difference being away from family, but we have family here. We kind of make up for it," said Lt. John Wysong.

Considering it is Thanksgiving, their main concern is people cooking their meals "without incident."

"A lot of it recently is with the advent of people deep frying turkeys. They need to do it in a safe manner. Follow instructions. Don't do it inside the structure. Do it far away from the structure," said Wysong.

For those who are working the holiday for the sake of public safety, we say thanks.

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