EDITORIAL: Sex Offender report raises legitimate questions

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL Editorial) - This week a WTOL 11 Call 11 For Action report by anchor Ashley James told us that known and registered sex offenders are living within hundreds of feet of elementary schools.  And nothing is being done about it!

The problem of enforcement apparently comes down to manpower.  Keeping track of registered sex offenders is time consuming and tedious.  In this case, Ms. James originally talked to the Mayor's office. From there she was sent to the Division of Code Enforcement which is under the Department of Inspection. By the end of her special report it seems like the whereabouts of sex offenders is a topic that makes officials uncomfortable.

These are our children.  We have an obligation to protect them from heinous predators.  I am struggling to understand why this isn't better managed.

In the meantime, if you go the website Family Watchdog U.S. You can plug in the address of your child's school.  If there is a sex offender living close by, the name should come up.

I don't think we need a witch hunt mentality when it comes to sexual predators.  However, we do need to be informed.   There are enough facts available to eliminate the guesswork.  Spend some time researching this and you just might be shocked by how vulnerable your kids really are.

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