West Toledo construction projects wrap up for the holidays

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Orange cones have become a staple around the Westfield Franklin Park Mall. With the year's busiest shopping season starting, some people are worried about a traffic mess.

The city of Toledo says all the projects have wrapped up just in time.

One of those projects was connected to the new Chick-Fil-A set to open next week. Crews closed off a lane on Talmadge, but were packing up everything Wednesday afternoon, making Talmadge back to normal.

The other project was on Secor and Monroe, which wrapped up Tuesday.

Columbia Gas was doing prep work for next year's Secor reconstruction project. The company will get back to work after the holidays in January. The city of Toledo hopes to get started by February or March.

"Our work affects everybody. Our goal is to keep the roadways open and running smoothly. However, we do have to do improvement projects and things of that nature, but sometimes it's just not the right time to be out there - and certainly between Thanksgiving and Christmas," said Robin Whitney, Toledo head of engineering services.

Drivers can enjoy the break from orange cones for now, but once the Secor project starts, it will last until about November of next year.

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