Don't Waste Your Money: How to save on Christmas decorations

(Toledo News Now) - Remember when a live Christmas tree cost $15, with an artificial tree around $30? Not anymore. Many trees are now past the $100 mark, and wreaths are not much cheaper. But there are some ways to cut those costs.

While so much of the focus is on Black Friday gifts right now, many shoppers also need Christmas decorations.

Popular mommy blogger, Andrea Deckard, never pays full price for anything.

Need a new tree? she says don't buy a $200 tree full price now, buy on Black Friday or later for half price.

"Wait 'til Black Friday because all the stores - even home improvement stores - are going to have great deals on trees," explained Deckard with

A wreath? Deckard says avoid predecorated wreaths that can top $50.

"$55? If it's on sale that's great, but it's really expensive. So I would get just a plain wreath - an evergreen - and make your own. Put in the things you want," suggested Deckard.

Instead, she grabs a plain wreath for $13 and with just $10 of add-ons, she says it'll look just as good, for less than $25 total.

For hearth and table decorations, Deckard says to skip Santa Clause. He has to be tucked away Dec. 26. Instead, she goes with pine cones or trees that have a much longer display life.

"This could be a really pretty Thanksgiving decoration too, and just let it stay out 'til February or March," said Deckard.

For lights, Deckard says only buy when they are on sale. She grabbed two boxes of 100 bulb strings for $7 each and a total of $14.

Gift bags are a hot trend, but Deckard says they are the worst value in wrapping.

"I personally wouldn't pay that for just a one-time use, unless it's a special occasion, because you can get an entire roll of paper for $4," said Deckard.

Instead, she goes for two rolls of wrapping paper at a reasonable $8.

Her favorite wrapping is free store boxes.

"If you're buying clothing make sure you request the boxes," said Deckard.

For under $200, Deckard is well on her way to decorating the house.

One takeaway is not to buy any Christmas decoration that is not marked down substantially. With decorations, remember the later you wait, the lower the prices, so you don't waste your money.

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