Police suspect theft during Bellevue recycling facility fire

BELLEVUE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police in Bellevue say they suspect a thief stole from an area recycling facility during a fire there in October.

Magratech, which recycles magnesium, caught fire twice in October. Police believe the first was caused by a lightning strike. The cause of the second fire is still under investigation.

A few days after the second fire, employees noticed a large amount of magnesium was missing from the facility.  The Sandusky County Sheriff's Office found a large amount of magnesium, believed to be the same lot stolen from Magratech, on State Route 101 a few days after the fire.

"The persons probably thought it was aluminum, later determined it not to be aluminum. Magnesium has no real value. So they dumped it where it was dumped," said Det. Sgt. Sean O'Connell of the Sandusky Co. Sheriff's Office.

O'Connell says he does not believe the fire was started intentionally, though.

"I'm going to make an educated guess that the person that went in and stole these items were thinking of recycling what had just been stolen. I don't think it was the person's intent to start a fire- it may have been an accident," said O'Connell.

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