Lucas County Pit Crew saves abused dog

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Last week, the Lucas County Dog Warden took in a malnourished and abused pit bull puppy named Lennox.  The warden said that if the dog was not adopted, it would have to be put down.

That is when the Lucas County Pit Crew got involved.  They posted a picture of Lennox on their Facebook page and organized a fundraiser to help pay for his care.  They estimated between $400 and $500 would be needed to save the dog, but wound up raising $900.

"Lennox is really nobody's dog, but at the same time, he's everybody's dog. I mean he was found in our community in this condition, and somebody did this to him. And I think it's very significant that people are willing to band together to save a dog like him," said Jean Keating of the Lucas County Pit Crew.

The Pit Crew plans to pick the dog up at the dog warden's office Wednesday and begin nursing him back to health.

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