EDITORIAL: Imagination Station levy fate still in doubt

EDITORIAL: Imagination Station levy fate still in doubt

By Lori Hauser, Imagination Station CEO

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - There have been a number of questions since the election about Issue 26 and Imagination Station.

As it stands, there is a real possibility that Issue 26 still may pass.  More than 13,000 provisional votes still have to be counted, currently off by 1000 votes.  This should be finalized by the end of November.

Not matter what happens … we will continue to deliver powerful science education to the community.

Children will continue to visit with school groups, outreach programs will continue in classrooms and families will continue to explore our science center together, we are committed to help prepare the future generations get excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

We help inspire a growing and diverse workforce that to think like scientists – questioning, investigating and discovering new things everyday.

Inspiring kids to love science will continues and, remains Imagination Stations number one goal.

We remain cautiously optimistic for a positive outcome and urge everyone to show their support of Imagination Station by visiting the science center.

If the levy fails we will go back to the voters for the renewal of our public fund request in fall of 2013 with a compelling message.  Without taxpayer support we can't continue to fulfill our mission, inspiring a life of science in children and helping to prepare them for careers in a knowledge based society.

Thank you again to all your support and caring about your child's future.