WTOL Editorial: Hostess strike unfortunate situation

WTOL Editorial: Hostess strike unfortunate situation

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL Editorial) - The Hostess strike situation has devolved into the imminent liquidation of the entire company.  If it happens next week, this will be a tough blow for the community of Northwood and for Northwest Ohio.

The loss of about 100 jobs in this market means the loss of millions of dollars in local spending.  It could impact school funding and other tax supported initiatives.  Given the on-going stresses of this weak economy here's hoping the worst-case scenario is avoided.

Nobody wins when the plant closes and jobs are permanently lost.  Of course the bigger economic concern is the impending financial cliff.  This country needs its leaders to stop posturing and squabbling.

Fiscal sanity requires both raising taxes and concessions on entitlement programs.   Yet we still see Democratic leaders kowtowing to special interests groups by creating long lists of untouchable programs.  The real mandate of this election is the nation remains divided.  Our representatives have to develop the courage to stop running for office and start running the country.  Based on what I have seen so far, that's unlikely.

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