Tiffin to see major hit to city services after levy failure

TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Tiffin residents will see major cuts to their city services after they voted down a levy on November 6.

Seven retiring firefighters will not be replaced.  That is a third of the city's fire department. The staffing reductions will force the department to operate its fire station two on a part time basis.

The city will reduce the number of ambulance squads available from three to just one at certain times of day.  Five police officer positions will not be filled after retirements.  Three employees of the city's public works department have already been laid off. They were snow plow drivers. Their departure leaves the city in a difficult situation in the event of heavy snow.

"If we get a snow at 10 p.m. Friday, and it doesn't quit until 2 a.m. Saturday morning, those crews won't come in to do any of the plow work until first thing Monday morning," said Mayor Aaron Montz.

Montz says drivers will only plow side streets if more than 5 inches of snow falls, and then they will have to do it on overtime.

The city has also canceled its Fourth of July fireworks celebration and will not open the city pool next summer.

Mayor Montz says all of the cuts are necessary to close a more than $1 million budget deficit left by cuts in state funding and the levy's failure.

"Almost every department in its own way is going to feel the crunch from the levy failure. That's only due the fact that we have no carryover anymore. There is no rainy day fund in Tiffin. The only thing left to do is cut personnel," the mayor said.

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