Perrysburg utility workers return from northeast after helping with Sandy recovery

LUCKEY, OH (Toledo News Now) – It has been an amazing and emotional three weeks for line workers from U.S. Utility in Perrysburg.

Eighteen three member crews have just returned from New Jersey where they worked sixteen hour days restoring power to homes and businesses devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

"It was total devastation. I don't know how those people could prepare for it," said Sherry Beard.

They arrived in Luckey Friday afternoon, parked their trucks and recalled the hero's welcome they received from the millions of people left in the dark.

"As we rolled into town, there's people blowing horns and holding signs up," said Brian Lipscomb.

"We had a little girl that comes up and had made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," added Jason Mendenhall.

The line workers say it was a very stressful time. They had to look out for themselves as well as fellow workers. But in the long run, it was a very fulfilling feeling as they restored power one neighborhood at a time.

"It makes me feel real good. I'm happy the Lord blessed me. I was happy to bless those people," said Beard.

"One individual says 'Boy, I wish I could give you some money.' Not why we do this. A mere 'Thank You'. We're proud we're IBEW," said Ed Neubacher.

That is union pride and local pride reaching all the way to the East Coast.

"When people asked where we were from, I was proud to tell them we're from Toledo. Local 245," said Neubacher.

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