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Your Week in Viral Videos: Bet you didn't know some dogs hate walks

(RNN) – The world will not end if you don't watch this week's installment of viral videos, but it will seem a lot less bright.

And quite frankly, we're all about making people happy.

Work with us, people, not against us. Watch, be happy, and love everyone around you a little more.

Or, make fun of everyone around you because that's pretty much what you would do if you actually knew these people.


The description for this video says that Rikku, a 4-month-old Tamaskan wolfdog, "loves to go for walks outside."

But judging by the dog's reaction, it was either a really bad day for him, or that description was the biggest lie since some dude with white hair redefined the definition of sexual relations.

If Rikku could talk, he would probably say something like this: "The allegation that my owner made was false, and I need to go back to work on my chew toy."


If you were expecting Usain Bolt, an explanation is in order.

You see, while Bolt is unquestionably the last person you would want to face in a footrace, it's doubtful he could have the same prowess while down on all fours

Yep, you heard it right. Kenichi Ito officially has the fastest running time for a human using his arms and legs.

Two questions: Who else is there to compete with? And why would anyone want this record?

Oh well, it's not ours to judge – just to laugh and enjoy.


Here is the definition of a hipster in case you've had your head under a rock for the past, like, five minutes: A person that dresses like he/she is poor despite an ample supply of money; forms an attachment to things that are not trendy and then immediately claims hatred for those things once they become trendy; wears non-prescription glasses that are too large for his/her face; and is just overall annoying.

They hang out in packs and are somewhat paranoid, so observing them in their natural habitats can become quite tricky.

Thankfully, someone has finally started a verbal war against these people in an effort to flush them out.

(WARNING: Some language is strong. Watch at your own discretion.)


Because, really, who wouldn't want to go on the internet and proclaim their adoration of a homely girl with ghastly braces and a morbid attachment to the Goosebumps books?

Do people older than 12 actually still read those?

This has to be one of the weirdest tributes to one of the weirdest internet memes we have ever seen.


This one is a bit dated, but definitely worthy of mention.

First of all, if you watch this and are not immediately in need of an explanation, you obviously did not pay attention in eighth grade science class.

Second, the explanation is here, but don't read it until you have watched this video at least once (preferably twice) and asked that super-smart coworker you barely acknowledge to explain it to you.

Really, ask that coworker. It'll make his day and possibly spare you when he goes postal in the event he is ever laid off. We're just saying.




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