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Friend pays it forward to AZ mom who lost son in tragic crash

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Sometimes there is no gift or amount of money that can heal the heart of a parent in pain.

After a Valley mother recently lost her child in a tragic crash, her friend wanted to pay it forward to hopefully bring a brief moment of light to what has become a very dark world.

At a time when most of us are deciding what we are most thankful for, a Phoenix family has been shaken to its core by what they've recently lost.

"He was my right-hand man. Everywhere I went, he was with me," Carlos Otero said. "Everybody loved him."

His grandson, 8-year-old Manuel Flores, was crossing a busy intersection a week before Halloween and a car stopped for him so he could cross, but another driver, in a moment of impatience and inattention, sped around the car and collided with the little boy who never saw it coming and had no time to react.

"When I got to the scene, I felt like I couldn't breathe. To me, this wasn't really happening to me," Otero said.

Manuel was rushed to the hospital but the damage to his brain was severe and Josephine Flores made the unimaginable decision to take her youngest child off of life support.

"I didn't want to see him suffer. I didn't want to see him going through everything he was already going through," Josephine Flores said.

Sometimes, even the right choice brings you no peace, and Josephine Flores has found it difficult to remain strong for her five children.

"It hurts, because to me, it feel like a piece of me is gone ... that no one can ever replace," Josephine Flores said.

Elizabeth Hattar contacted CBS 5 News, worried that the stress on her friend was already too much to bear, compounded by the fact that funeral costs were mounting.

"I just really want to give her an opportunity to breathe and be like, 'OK, everything's going to be OK,' because the money won't bring him back but it will just take a load off of her," Hattar said.

"I just want her to know that everything is here for her," Hattar added.

The $500 Hattar is paying forward will do little to ease the pain of a mother in agony, but her generosity will allow Josephine Flores to focus her attention on the happy memories of a child whose spirit lives on.

"He was like a little angel that would help you whenever you needed help," Josephine Flores said. "I feel like he did his work here and now he's doing his work with God. Now he's God's little angel."

Funeral services for Manuel are in two weeks.

An account has been set up in his name at Chase Bank.

Click here to go to the Give Forward page set up in his name.

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