Realtors and builders alike see boom in Wood County

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - It has been a great year for Re-Max realtor Vicki Sedlak when it comes to selling houses in Perrysburg.

"[I have sold to] probably over 20 families I think in the last 6 to 8 months. Just coming into town. A lot of them were in Toledo and want to come into Perrysburg."

Aaron Sloan, co-owner of Saba Custom Homes, is also finding great success.

"Since 2006 our business every year has slowly increased. This year we'll probably close about 57 houses. That's up about 20 houses from last year."

According to the Wood County Building Inspectors, from January through October of this year, 134 housing permits were granted. That is 19 more from the same time last year.

Sloan says half of his business in the county is in Perrysburg. He credits the location to major expressways and job growth.

"A lot of businesses have moved here. O-I's headquarters in Levis Commons. It's just a tremendous community for people to live in," said Sloan.

Sedlak sees another big reason for the surge.

"The school district means a lot to a lot of people so Perrysburg Schools has been rated excellent for years and I've just seen an upsurge in the last year of families just trying to get in and get their kids a great education," said Sedlak.

If recent trends continue Sloan says he expects another successful year in 2013

"As long as interest rates hold steady, don't go up too much and material costs don't go up too much I think hopefully we'll be in for another pretty good year," said Sloan.

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