Bullets left on Napoleon school bus

NAPOLEON, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Napoleon school bus driver says someone brought bullets on board and left them there Tuesday morning.

Officials say it happened after the bus driver dropped everyone off at school and noticed a handful of 22 shells sitting on one of the seats.

It is probably one of the last places anyone would expect to find a bullet, but now administrators are trying to find the child who brought them on board. Superintendent Stephen Fogo says officials immediately called the police, who are now handling the investigation.

Parents hope the investigation is taken seriously.

"[I am] a little anxious I guess, kind of concerned about what the school and police are doing about it," said Alan Vondeylan.

Administrators want to assure everyone it is a serious priority.

"We don't take this lightly because it's dangerous," said Fogo.

According to Fogo, there have been no reports of any weapons being brought to school or any students making threats. He says officials are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of this.

"They probably will face the most severe punishment the school district is allowed to give, which would be a suspension, leading to an expulsion," explained Fogo.

A note will be sent home to parents later Wednesday or Thursday, with hopes the child responsible will come forward.

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