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Multiple SEC teams playing cupcakes offends Line King's delicate sensibilities

(RNN) - If having 10 bowl tie-ins weren't enough, evidently the $EC is trying to garner one or two slots in the FBC (IAA) Playoffs. Why, you might ponder, would the Line King come to that audacious conclusion? One has only to look at this weekend's slate of "games."

This weekend looks more like The $EC-Southern Conference Showdown than the home stretch of conference games. The Death $tar Conference is all about padding its record and this weekend serves as ample proof they are the experts.

For some, it's one last attempt at draining suckers out of their hard-earned cash either by getting them to purchase an overpriced bad seat or even worse, to pipe in the in-house production with marginal announcers known as pay-per-view.

It's also another example of why teams that DON'T finish with a winning conference record shouldn't be given a free pass to a glitzy bowl game - like maybe Tennessee, which has wins over Georgia State and Akron and was embarrassed by Troy – although the Vols won that game.

Speaking of bowl games and tie-ins, let's take a peek at how teams are lining up going into these games and where they might or should end up. Some hearts are going to be broken this weekend not being able to spend a week in Shreveport:

$EC West

Bammer: 9-1; Western Carolina, then step down to Auburn, $EC Champion$hip Game. Projected finish 12-1 (Sugar Bowl).

LSU: 8-2; Mississippi, Arkansas. Projected finish 10-2 (Fiesta Bowl).

Johnny Football: 8-2; Sam Houston, Missouri. Projected finish 10-2 (Cotton Bowl).

Mississippi State: 7-3; Arkansas, Mississippi. Projected finish 9-3 (Some sort of Florida Bowl).

Mississippi: 5-5; LSU, Mississippi State. Projected finish 5-7.

Arkansas: 4-6; Mississippi State, LSU. Projected finish 4-8.

Barn: 2-8; Alabama A&M, Bammer. Projected finish 3-9.

$EC East

Georgia: 9-1; Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, $EC Champion$hip Game. Projected finish 11-2. (Some sort of Florida Bowl).

Florida: 9-1; Jacksonville State, Florida State. Projected finish 11-1. (Chicken Sandwich Bowl).

South Carolina: 8-2; Wofford, Clemson. Projected finish 10-2. (Some sort of Florida Bowl).

Vandy: 6-4; Tennessee, Wake Forest. Projected finish 8-4, that's correct 8-4. (Down-the-Street Bowl).

Missouri: 5-5; Syracuse, Johnny Football. Projected finish 6-6 (Shreveport "Bowl").

Tennessee: 4-6; Vandy, Kentucky. Projected finish 5-7 - uh oh!

Kentucky: 1-9; Samford, Tennessee. Projected finish 2-10

Arkansas at Mississippi State (-6.5) 12:21 p.m. SEC Network

Minus 6.5? Come on, don't tell me Walmart laid down a ton on the Hogs. Doesn't make sense. Time for the Bulldogs to stomp.

W. Carolina at Alabama (No line) 12:21 p.m. SEC Network

Bammer makes a run at the Southern Conference title.

Jacksonville State at Florida (No line) 1 p.m. PPV

Florida makes a run at the Ohio Valley Conference title.

Wofford at South Carolina (No line) 1 p.m. PPV

South Carolina makes a run at the Southern Conference title.

Georgia Southern at Georgia (No line) 1:30 p.m. PPV

Georgia makes a run at the Southern Conference title.

Alabama A&M at Auburn (No line) 2:00 p.m. PPV

Barn tries to convince the fan base that they are capable of competing…in the SWAC

Sam Houston State at Johnny Football 3:30 p.m. PPV

The Aggies make a run at the Southland Football title

 Ole Miss (+19) at LSU 3:30 p.m. CBS

Oh my! How did Mississippi get selected again by CBS…take a look at the other games to choose from. Black Bear fans are fearful that their hotel reservations for Shreveport might be for naught, unless Darth Vader Slive can twist several arms and heads to get an bowl invite, despite a losing record. Stranger things have happened. Take Mississippi and +19.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt (-4) 7 p.m. ESPN2

Everyone wearing orange pants is in full meltdown by now. After giving up 722 yards against Troy and losing to Mizzou, is there anyone (ANYONE) left in Big Orange that would actually go to a bowl – and probably lose to a SunBelt or CUSA team? And seriously, does Georgia State count as a IA win? Get giddy with the Commodore fan and lay the points.

Syracuse at Missouri (-4.5) 7 p.m. ESPNU

Mizzou has one last chance to hit the magic number 6. That victory over Southeast Louisiana looks bigger and bigger. Take the Tigers and their helmets.

Samford at Kentucky (No line) 7:30 p.m. CSS

Samford makes a run at the $EC cellar.

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