Restaurant Ratings: Many eateries prepare food without gloves

Inspectors found employees at Little Caesar's on Monroe Street, along with many other eateries, not wearing gloves when preparing food.
Inspectors found employees at Little Caesar's on Monroe Street, along with many other eateries, not wearing gloves when preparing food.

(Toledo News Now) - Dining out requires everyone to put food safety in the hands of others. Unfortunately, that can be taken literally as health inspections revealed many local eateries do not prepare food with gloves.

One restaurant owner is known for setting the bar high when it comes to maintaining a clean environment for all.

Jules Garzzynski is no stranger to the service industry. Ten years ago, the Toledo native bought Timberwolf Tavern on Jutland Street in west Toledo. Keeping the bar free from violations, just comes natural.

Whether serving pizza or Patron, maintaining a clean environment is not lost on Garzzynski.

"I have a theory on bartending: If you don't want it served to you, don't serve it to the customer," said Garzzynski.

Garzzynski's theory is one other local restaurants should consider adopting, according to their health inspection reports.

China House, located in the Golden Gate Shopping Center in Maumee, racked up two violations, including buildup of filth and food residue in coolers, which is a repeat violation. Date marking is proving to be nonexistent in the kitchen.

Carmel's Mexican Restaurant on Tremainsville Road in west Toledo received five violations during its latest inspection. The facility is housing outdated food due to inconsistent date marking, has mold in the pop gun, beer and salsa coolers, plus has a leaking faucet.

Star of India on South Reynolds Road in south Toledo is following suit with six violations. Inspectors could not find date marking on cooked or prepared foods during the one-hour visit. Pop nozzles coated with buildup need to be cleaned and food debris was found on the floor inside coolers. Sinks at the facility could also use paper towels to ensure handwashing is taking place among employees.

Employees at Little Caesar's on Monroe Street in west Toledo were found not wearing gloves when preparing food, just one of eight violations facing owners. Inspectors additionally found a hole in the restroom door, a repeat violation for the fourth time. Another violation was no labeling on bulk containers.

Bare hands were also preparing food at Kaslly's Kitchen on Tremainsville Road for one of its three violations. However, it has since been corrected. In addition, inspectors found cascade sitting on the same shelf as syrup and food, which could lead to contamination.

El Camino Sky on Woodville Road in Oregon racked up four violations during its inspection. The dishwasher was out of sanitizer, the salsa bar was holding foods at unsafe temperatures, and ground pork was found stored above whole beef. Since the inspection, the meats have been stored separately to ensure no cross-contamination.

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