Sylvania Township no longer hiring tobacco users

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania Township Trustees voted recently to stop hiring those who use tobacco.

Several area businesses, like ProMedica and the Hollywood Casino, have done the same.  Sylvania Township appears to be the first municipality in northwest Ohio to institute the policy.

Trustees Neal Mahoney and John Jannewine voted in favor of the ban.  Mahoney says the township needs to keep employee health care costs low, and this is just one more way of doing that.

Employees who already use tobacco products will be offered several options to attempt to quit.

Trustee Kevin Haddad, who voted against the ban, says he is concerned about what will happen to employees who fail to quit.

"I can understand new hires being non-smokers. I can understand the situation if they're smoking on the property in a non-designated area, but we need to put designated areas. We need to have people still have their rights," said Haddad.

It is unclear whether the policy will require current employees to quit using tobacco.

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