GOP looking ahead after Tuesday’s election

(Toledo News Now) - Experts are calling the 2012 election a "disappointing" election for the Republican Party.

According to exit polls, there were two topics many voters said were most important, the economy and social issues.

"Should they move more to the center and in doing so, might they then be able to make better appeals among women, non-whites and young people," said Dr. Melissa Miller, BGSU Political Science.

Some experts are saying the GOP should change their platform to appeal to the majority of voters they missed out on this election. The majority is women, young people and non-white voters.

"I don't think you redefine who you are in an attempt to gain power. If you do that, you haven't won anything. It's shallow, and an a-moral exercise," said Dave Yost (R) Ohio State Auditor.

The country was split down the middle when it came to the economy. When it comes to social issues, like abortion, contraception and gay marriage, an overwhelmingly majority of voters sided with President Obama over Governor Romney.

"He was painted as even more right and it didn't help him among women, it doesn't help him among young voters who as well, tend to be more liberal on social issues than their older peers," said Miller.

"I think we are more representative and the American people felt that, at least a majority and they wanted to move forward, they didn't want to go back. They wanted to be an inclusive society, a more representative society, one that appreciates people who live in urban areas as well as rural areas who wanted to be more inclusive and we are," said Representative Marcy Kaptur (D) Ohio 99th District.

Despite the results, many Republicans are standing by their party and their beliefs. Democrats are now hoping for compromise.

"We'll look at the numbers, we'll figure out how to bring our message better. But at the bottom line, I think that the things the Republican Party agrees in, or stands for are what's good for America," said Yost.

"As we go back to Washington this week, that all the members returning as well as newly elected will have heard the voice of the people, that they want compromise, that they want us to get on with the business of the country, they're sick of all the wrangling," said Kaptur.

Dr. Miller said another reason President Obama won so decidedly was the Democrats "ground game".

Miller said volunteers and supporters, as well as other candidates spread the message to their coalition to get out and vote better than Republicans did.  

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