A Perrysburg road may increase speed limit

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Perrysburg is going forward with a speed-increase study on one of their busiest roadways.

South Boundary St. runs through two school zones from State Route 20 to State Route 25. The speed limit is currently 25.

Carol Melvin lives on South Boundary St. just across the from Perrysburg Junior High School. Melvin said she sees cars going over the speed limit all the time, especially during school hours, and cannot  imagine what good could come by raising the speed limit.

"Giving yourself two extra minutes or three extra minutes in that time of day at the risk of killing a child or a pedestrian on this street, is that really worth it?," Melvin.

According to John Kevern, the head of the safety-service committee, a number of residents have inquired about increasing the limit so the city will begin a study of the area.

"With two school zones that's absolutely ridiculous," said resident Arlynne Nowland.

"I see cars pass by here 35, 40, 50 miles an hour. Oblivious that it is a restricted hour and that they should be driving 20," said Nowland.

"When you increase the speed you have people that are in a hurry to get to work but then you have people that are dropping their kids off at school...How long does it take a semi truck to stop when he's going 45 or 55?," said Melvin.

Kevern said the road was widened within the last ten years to help the flow of traffic. ODOT will perform the study and no matter what the results, it will be up to council to decide if a change should be made.

"I wouldn't vote to increase it. I've been over there. I've taken a look at it. Traffic seems to flow quite well through there without any problems," said Kevern.

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