Stability balls replace traditional chairs in Perrysburg classroom

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Two second grade teachers at a Perrysburg Elementary School are using stability balls instead of chairs as a new approach to get students to focus.

The balls have replaced traditional chairs since November 1.  The Toth Elementary teachers Julie Gedert and Sarah Bedee are seeing improvements in their students attention and work.

Bedee asked for a grant for just under $500 from the Perrysburg Schools Foundation for the stability balls.

Bedee sees many benefits from the new addition including improved posture, focus and attention. The balls allow for students that need to move around to do so while sitting down.

"The kids are excited and so they're taking that home and the parents have become very excited. I actually had a parent at conferences on Monday night who came in and said 'will I get to sit on the stability ball?' and she used it during conferences and she loved it," said teacher Sarah Bedee.

"It's good because it helps me focus more than a regular chair....I don't usually bounce on it that's the only thing because if we bounce to chaotic we get our ball taken away and we get our chair," said second grader Ethan Rieman.

There are safety concerns but Bedee said no students have fallen off.

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