Does it Work : Zacchaeus Stabilizer Strap

(Toledo News Now) - There's a new product this year for deer hunters that could make the hunt much safer. Rutt N Stuf claims this lifesaving strap could stabilize your treestand while hunting, but does it work?

"The big problem hunters have is no one wants to fall. No one wants to get injured," said Steve Halter.

Halter knows that firsthand. He almost fell during a recent hunt.

"I've had my stand go to the base of a tree or I've bumped my stand. It happens a lot. You see a deer, you get excited," said Halter.

Then, the stand jostles, and you go tumbling down, sometimes 10 or 20 feet.

The product, Zacchaeus Strap prevents that. It's basic physics: the Zacchaeus Strap secures your stand to the tree.

Halter climbed a tree to demonstrate how to use it. The stand barely jiggled. The same goes for the bar near his legs. Without this strap, it's possible the whole stand would go crashing down, taking him with it.

Halter believes it's so simple, yet so crucial.

"Anytime a hunter can be more safe, I'm for it," he said.

So is his hunting buddy, Wade Cavaness, who volunteered to demonstrate falling. He trusts his safety belt and this stabilizer strap that much. Even as he fell out of his stand, he could easily climb back on, thanks to the Zacchaeus Strap.

Without it, that stand would have bit the dust, and quite frankly, a hunter could, too. It makes the stand more secure than a ladder and puts hunters at ease so they can focus on why they're really there.

Safer hunts are exactly why the Missouri inventor came up with this product in the first place, after almost falling nearly 20 feet with a loaded weapon.

You can get 7 to 12 feet straps for $50, and 12 to 20 feet straps for $80. The straps easily fold up into a bag to latch onto your stand.

The Zacchaeus Stabilizing Strap is what hunters call "a trophy buck" on this Does it Work test, earning an "A." You can buy it at the manufacturer's website: Rutt N Stuf.

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