At 4:30, 5 & 6: Chilly AM & a post-Sandy nor’easter

It will be cold early today, but we will see sunshine and a warm up: that's the message from Chris Vickers about today's Certified Most Accurate Forecast. He says temps should reach into the 50s.

Severe weather is expected along the east coast again. People are still trying to recover from Sandy and now a significant nor'easter is hitting many of the same communities. Already snow has arrived in some parts as well as more headaches for those impacted.

The man who shot and killed 6 people in Tucson, AZ and hurt others like former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will be sentenced today.

In our area, it promises to be a Night of Empowerment. We have all the details about a special event that focuses on those affected by a disease that pretty much has touched all our lives.

And getting rid of Old Glory should be done with respect and in a certain way. Just in time for the upcoming Veterans Day, we're live with what you should keep in mind.

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Have a great Thursday,

Jonathan Walsh