WTOL Editorial: Most expensive presidential election in history over

Most expensive presidential election in history over

The most expensive Presidential election in history is finally over.

We now have the first President to be re-elected to a second term with fewer electoral votes and a lower popular vote margin than his initial election.

That is not a ringing mandate to be transformational.  If anything, this election once again proves how difficult it is to unseat a President.

The inherent power of the office to reward unions and special interests groups is enormous.

In the next few months this President and the Congress have to decide what comes next.  If the short answer is similar to the first time around, we won, so do we'll it my way, then the American public has terribly misplaced its trust.

It would however, be truly transformational if significantly moving to the middle and reaching across the aisle replaced petulant dogma and punitive regulatory and tax philosophies.

We'll see soon enough.

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