Reductions likely after BG Schools levy fails

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Bowling Green City Schools income tax levy failed Tuesday by less than 700 votes.

Superintendent Dr. Ann McVey said meetings are already underway on what kind of reductions must take place but right now it is business as usual in the classrooms.

"Teachers in Bowling Green are not moping around. We are about being pro-active and positive and continuing to move forward," said McVey.

Fifty two percent of the city's residents turned down the proposed .75 percent income tax levy.

"We believe in the community of Bowling Green and believe that people who were financially able to support the levy, did," said McVey.

Dr. McVey said plans for all-day kindergarten will be scrapped and there could also be cuts to transportation, field trips, electives, extra-curricular activities and faculty positions.

"We'll be looking at reductions that have the least impact on students," said McVey.

Dr. McVey said roughly 23-25 percent of the community are parents of Bowling Green students. If another levy is to be proposed in August, McVey said work needs to be done to reach those who do not fall into that category.

"We need to get out there and talk to those 80% of the public and see what it is, what ideas they have really, for us to be more fiscally responsible and what they would be willing to support," said McVey.

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