Parks and rec levy failure could force pool closures

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo city leaders will have to regroup after voters rejected a new levy for parks and recreation Tuesday.

With Toledo voters rejecting a new levy for parks and recreation, Councilwoman Lindsay Webb is worried that defeat will mean the end of the line for pools currently not used by the city, which could have been renovated with levy funds.

"I begged the mayor not to demolish some of those pools, waiting for the outcome of this election. It's entirely possible more pools on the chopping block to be demolished will be demolished next year," explained Webb.

While facilities, such as Ravine Pool and Detwiler Pool, not being used for a few years, the mayor's 2013 budget plan to be released next week is expected to include funding to reopen pools used this year.

Webb wonders what cuts might be made.

"With this fresh in the mayor's mind, I am a little concerned about what the mayor's budget proposal may look like for recreation," said Webb.

According to Webb, work will push forward on a $25,000 master plan for parks and recreation, with results likely to be released early next year.

"We have a consultant on board. We're going to be looking at a longterm master plan that's probably going to involve downsizing recreation, figuring out priorities, also identifying community partners to provide recreational opportunities," she said.

Webb also addresses the potential for another levy attempt in the future.

"I'm optimistic we could revisit something like this, but we're going to start out small and live within our means," Webb said.

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