Restaurant Ratings: Food stored at improper temperatures

Inspectors found dead cockroaches in the kitchen and women's restroom at the Subway on Lagrange Street.
Inspectors found dead cockroaches in the kitchen and women's restroom at the Subway on Lagrange Street.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - There are a lot of restaurant discounts being offered throughout Election Day, but don't let the savings trump safety.

Take America's favorite food chain: McDonald's. Whether you're on East Manhattan Boulevard or North Summit Street, there are violations of which to be aware. Both were found storing liquid eggs at room temperature without a time stamp.

Eight violations at the McDonald's on Manhattan make up its inspection report, including buildup atop the dishwasher, loose pieces of plastic inside the ice machine, and a blocked hand sink.

Buildup is also a problem for the ice machine at the McDonald's on Summit, as one of its six violations. Inspectors also found a grease spill in the back storage area, as well as a box of cups stored on the floor.

Subway is known for its fresh taste, but in this case, its known for its need for general cleaning in the restrooms and behind all equipment. At the Lagrange Street location, 14 violations can be counted, including dead cockroaches in the kitchen and women's restroom. Management is now required to maintain "pest records" for the county health department to review on a regular basis. Inspectors also found bags of onions stored on the kitchen floor and buildup on cooler gaskets and the ice machine.

If you're in the mood for meat, the Wing Station on Secor Road may not satisfy your hunger. A total of 13 violations are stacked up against this location. Most include major food temperature problems: gyro meat was sitting out at 66 degrees when it should be held hot at 135 or cold at 41 degrees. Chicken was also sitting out at 82 degrees, while raw chicken was being stored in a sink. A sink should only to be used for washing dishes. Another sink was noted to be full of dirty dishes with no hot water. Additionally, inspectors found grease buildup on kitchen equipment, like hoods and filters.

Reports ensure safe eating at Arby's on Manhattan Boulevard. Inspectors couldn't find one reason to write up the restaurant, calling the facility clean and organized.

Two other locations came up clean this week: Taco Bell on West Alexis and the Little Caesar's Pizza on Lagrange Street.

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