At 4:30, 5 & 6: Sunny forecast & Election Day team coverage

There won't be any rain to keep you away from the polls today. Chris Vickers says get ready for sunshine and cooler temps with highs in the 40s. Grab a jacket before you head out to vote.

Today is the day we've all been talking about. All the campaigning, ads, robo-calls, ads, candidate visits, ads, debates, and…oh yeah…ads come down to your decision at the ballot box. So many local, state, and national issues and races to figure out. We'll be live with team coverage capturing those last minute thoughts and info you'll need before stepping into the booth.

Superstorm Sandy is creating opportunity for some people but in one instance it's not in a good way. Find out how some are trying to fulfill a need in their communities but could get in trouble for the way they're doing it.

And there's an interesting issue concerning a well-reviewed, major motion picture starring one of Hollywood's most respected actors. One company says even though the film is done, it wants its products out of the movie. Find out what the "problem" is.

Before you get out and vote, flip on the TV and hang out with us from 4:30am-7am. Watch us on TV and streaming live on I'm Jonathan Walsh and I approved this message. Happy election day to you!

Jonathan Walsh