Volunteers giving one last push to voters

(Toledo News Now) - Volunteers from the Romney and Obama campaigns were out Monday using every last hour to push for support.

Volunteers for the Obama campaign were out going door to door in a west Toledo neighborhood. They were handing out brochures and asking people to cast their ballot Tuesday for the president.

Volunteers for the Romney campaign hit the streets of a subdivision in Sylvania Township. Both parties worked all afternoon into the evening pushing for votes.

"Personally I am out here for Barack Obama. I want him to win 100%. I am asking people if they have committed their support to Obama. But we do want everyone to vote regardless of their beliefs of course," said Obama volunteer Robin Karkowski.

"We're going everywhere, every door because there are a lot of Democrats who are still undecided. They have looked at the past four years and they are not happy with the stagnant growth in our economy," said Romney volunteer Alfonso Narvaez.

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