Person posing as Fostoria police officer, trying to scam money

FOSTORIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police said someone is impersonating a Fostoria police officer and asking businesses for money.

Angie Smith, an employee at Ohio Logistics said she received a call from someone saying they were a police officer and asked for personal account information.

The imposter asked Smith to sponsor a local child in the "Shop with a Cop" event for the holiday season.

"I said I think my company would be willing to help some children out, no problem. How would we go about getting the money, things like that? He said, you don't understand, we're reaching out to managers alone. Seeing if they'd be willing to take it out of their own pocket," said Smith.

Smith said that set off a red flag.

"The City of Fostoria Police Department is not calling around to residents asking for money. No," said Sgt. Kent Reinbolt with the Fostoria Police Department.

"If they have any questions on concerns contact us. Let us know. If people are asking for information, account numbers, do not give out that information. It always leads to no place good," said Reinbolt.

There are currently no suspects.

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