ODOT adding strobe lights to snowplows

(Toledo News Now) - ODOT is phasing green, amber and white strobe lights on all 3,000 of the states snowplows. Officials say the lights will keep the snowplow drivers and everyone on the roads safer.

ODOT snowplow trucks are rear-ended nearly four times more often than plows in states that border Ohio.

Kent Euler used to run a private snow plowing business and said once the snow starts it gets dangerous.

"I had many people who almost got hit or almost hit somebody else because they weren't paying attention or didn't see me," said Euler.

ODOT officials want to make their fleet of snowplows more visible.

"Whether you're out in the daylight or out at night, green is very visible to the eye. It can pick up those tones, whether it's reflected off of snow or in the sunlight," said Theresa Pollick, ODOT District 2 Spokesperson.

"We're the first in the country to use them, and we'll see how it goes. We're hoping it will be a positive change. It's just another way for us to be more visible to everyone driving around us," said Pollick.

ODOT hopes to have all of the lights finished by the end of the winter.

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