At 4:30, 5 & 6: Cool temps, election eve & zoo tragedy

Certified Most Accurate Meteorologist Chris Vickers is tracking some cooler weather to begin the work week. He will fill us in as to how high temperatures are expected to reach today!

The wrath of Hurricane Sandy forced New York City to cancel its marathon. However, the change in plans didn't force a lot of runners to stay at home. We'll tell you how they worked to keep the annual tradition alive!

It's a heartbreaking story out of Pittsburgh this morning. A family attraction will close indefinitely because of a freak accident on Sunday. It'll have you thinking twice before trying to give your child a better view at the zoo!

Soon the political ads filling your TV and radio airwaves will be silenced... we're now just one day away from the 2012 presidential election. Both men are spending their last campaign dollar to win over voters. We'll break down the latest poll numbers for you!

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Have yourself a great Monday!

Jenna Lee