Vice President rallies supporters in Fremont

FREMONT, OH (Toledo News Now) - Presidential politics returned to Northwest Ohio on Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden campaigned at Terra Community College in Fremont.

A frenzied, partisan crowd of 1500 supporters greeted Biden.

He attacked Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney for a false campaign ad still running claiming Chrysler is moving production of Jeeps from Toledo to China.

"What a shameless thing to do. The ad is absolutely callous playing on the fears of people just getting back up now, just getting the feeling they're in control of their lives," said the Vice President.

Biden says you can't ignore the success of the auto bailout while Romney recommended Detroit go bankrupt.

"And no matter what those ads say, we did rescue the auto industry, one million jobs, one million jobs saved," said Mr. Biden.

Chris Redfern, Chairman of Ohio's Democratic Party, predicts the Obama/Biden ticket will carry Ohio by three percentage points.

It's all because of the auto industry.

"Given what Mitt Romney has said about Jeep and Chrysler and the auto industry against what the President has done in support of Jeep workers, I think it's a tipping point for most Ohioans," said Mr. Redfern.

Biden says Presidential elections are all about character.

Obama has it, Romney doesn't.

"You all saw a glimpse of Romney's character when he thought no one was looking and he said '47% of you are unwilling to take responsibility for your lives.' Who does he think he is," asked Mr. Biden.

Biden also appeared Sunday in Lakewood and Lancaster.

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