Hyundai, Kia lowering ratings

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Hyundai and Kia point to procedural errors at a joint testing center in Korea for incorrect fuel economy ratings for several product lines.

Through a voluntary program with the EPA, the companies are lowering ratings on several vehicles dating back to 2011.

This reduces the fleet's 2012 fuel economy level on average by one mile per hour. Roughly 900,000 customers are in line to receive a bonus.

Peter Demczuk with the Taylor Automotive Group said this will be handled similar to a recall.

"Once you find out if your vehicle qualifies to register then you need to bring your vehicle into the dealership and we will certify the mileage and then the manufacturer will issue a personalized reimbursement card and my understanding is this card is good for the life of your vehicle. It's a regular debit card," said Demczuk.

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