Men in vehicle registered to union charged, stealing campaign signs

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police reports state that four men have been arrested after they were caught removing Republican campaign signs.
Police stopped a suspicious pickup truck Friday morning near the Speedway gas station at I-75-U.S. 20.
According to Perrysburg Police, the men were stealing signs while driving a pickup truck registered to the Sheet Metal Union, Local 33.
Officers said the accused were in possession of more than 20 signs from various candidates. Several of those signs were large 4X8 Romney/Ryan signs.
The signs were allegedly stolen from private property and business locations.
"Well it certainly is an insult to myself and every American that my freedom speech, my right to support politicians, people, movements that I want have been violated," said Dave Kienzel who had his sign stolen.

Kienzle believes the alleged thieves are representative of the man they want to see re-elected president.

"Well, all I'm saying is if these are people on that side of the fence and they are going ahead and proceeding in this manner, it is a reflection of the leadership that has stepped forward?," said Kienzle.

Local 33 business manager John Russell was contacted for comment but hung up.

The four suspects have been charged with a misdemeanor for possession of stolen property.

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