At 4:30, 5 & 6: Shooting victim & sunshine today

We could see a little sun later today. Chris Vickers is including that big ball of light in his Certified Most Accurate Forecast and cooler temps. See exactly what he's tracking today and into your weekend.

Breaking news from overnight after someone brutally attacks and robs a man. We're live with the up-to-the-second information on where this happened and what police are saying about the case.

The election is just a handful of days away and there's another big candidate coming to NW Ohio other than the president and Mitt Romney. Find out who else is on the ballot and who will be campaigning for your vote today.

President Obama continues to get some of the biggest names in music to "drum" up support from voters. Hear who's playing on the campaign trail including the biggest name in hip-hop performing in Ohio.

And there's new information coming out from the Obama Administration about the response time in the Libya consulate attack that killed four Americans. Hear the news details.

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Happy Friday to you,

Jonathan Walsh