Issue 15 political signs missing in Sylvania Township

SLYVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Seven hundred dollars worth of campaign signs are missing from Sylvania Township. The signs represent Issue 15 which voters will have the choice to continue using Tarta services or opt-out.

Sylvania Township Trustees put Issue 15 on the ballot in June.

Tarta supporter Penny Levine said IN the past two weeks, 125 of her signs have gone missing.

"It's definitely politics, I've even had opposing candidates signs put in my yard and my politically correct candidates signs have disappeared out of my yard four times," said Levine

Levine said this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Sylvania Township Trustee Kevin Haddad said it does not matter what side of the issue you are on, missing election signs are not a joke.

"I think it's wrong when people vandalize other people's signs or take their stuff or tear them up, or whatever they have to do. I think just leave it alone, play fair - whoever wins, winds, whoever loses, loses," said Haddad.

Levine said public transportation is a necessity for the community and said if someone is taking down the signs they are cheating the politic process.

"Let it play out and see what the citizens of the township want and that this is very important, this isn't politics, this is a way of life, this is an issue for the community," said Levine.

Sylvania Township Police said so far they have no reports of any missing campaign signs connected to Tarta or any other issue.

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