Businesses developing in downtown Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now)- Business development in Downtown Toledo does not always rely on new construction projects, as many building renovation projects are helping to provide opportunities for companies to expand.

Work is nearing completion to convert the former Toledo Police Mounted Patrol stable on St. Clair Street, into new office space for a local information technology company called Nemsys.

"We're able to take a building that was a horse barn and turn it into a functional space," said Katie Rofkar.

The company has been downtown for more than a decade and plans to move into its new space in a few weeks and expand operations.

"Now we're able to grow because we have the space," said Rofkar.

A few months ago, a local marketing firm called Concentrek Group found a new home downtown at renovated space inside Fort Industry Square, which is allowing the company to take on some new employees.

"More space definitely we've been hiring recently. We're stopping the brain drain as best we can from the Toledo area," said Brian Heady.

The company has also been downtown for several years and decided to stay instead of moving elsewhere.

"We like downtown culturally it's good to bring clients in to a downtown area to see what's going on in Toledo," said Heady.

Bill Thomas with Downtown Toledo Development Corporation said there have been many recent sustainable development projects, where federal and state credits could be available to take vacant building space and put it back into productive use.

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