AT 4:30, 5 & 6: Election home stretch & ZZ Top helps Toledo

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man..... !!! Sorry, I'm a fan of ZZ Top! :)

Good morning!

Temperatures will remain below 50 degrees today... and rain showers are possible. Chris Vickers will preview your weekend conditions in his Certified Most Accurate forecast.

With only a few ways to go before the nation picks a president, candidates are making a last ditch effort to win you over. Today, the Obama campaign is sending in Democratic darling Bill Clinton to stump for votes in northwest Ohio. Amanda St. Hilaire will share all the details of his high profile visit.

On the other side of the aisle, Mitt Romney's wife will continue to make the rounds in the Buckeye state. We'll let you know where she can be found today.

The death toll continues to rise following Hurricane Sandy. Search and rescue efforts will resume this morning along the East coast as airports and subways attempt to make travel a little easier.

Area veterans will get a dose of ZZ Top as the band partners with an organization to provide housing for displaced war heroes. We'll tell you when and how!

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Hope you have a great day! Thanks for watching!

Jenna Lee