BGSU considering tobacco free campus

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Bowling Green State University leaders are considering making the campus tobacco free.

President Mary Ellen Mazey has contacted five constituent groups on campus to determine support and possible policies for a tobacco-free campus.

"In my support individually from undergraduate students will be to sign to support or not support the initiative and then pending a certain handful of concepts," said student government president Alex Solis.

Solis has used social media and taken surveys in the student union to find the pulse of the campus. The topic has raised plenty of debate.

"I think it's annoying but at the same time I also think it's a right that people have," said BGSU senior Sydney McNulty.

"As much as people do have the right to smoke, you know, it's a public area, people also have the right to breath clean air and they should be able to walk around and not have to worry about someone blowing smoke in their face," senior Erin Porter.

"It should not become a university police issue. They're not breaking the law, it's campus policy. It's going to have to be a community effort it's going to have to become that social norm not to smoke on campus," said Solis.

University officials are also considering a compromise which would include having smoking zones, or designated smoking areas on campus.

"That would probably make a lot of people feel better about smoking on campus as opposed to just not having it at all," said sophomore Emily Merk.

Solis said President Mazey will take the initiative to the Board of Trustees in December.

If a smoking ban is approved, it will not be adopted until next year.

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